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Lockdown Musings

Here we find ourselves again in lock down in Victoria and heading into the unknown, which often feels uncomfortable. The unknown can bring up anxiety and fear as the monkey mind tries to predict the future, playing out all possible scenarios, many of which don’t become reality but feel very real at the time and are fuel for the anxiety loop.

Last year taught us many things about our inner and outer worlds. We had the opportunity to learn to slow down, to realise what is most important to us, get comfortable with the ‘not knowing’, to see our inner workings, reactions and beliefs and how they were or were not serving us, the importance of community and supporting each other, looking after your neighbours and giving what you can, among other things.

As time goes on though it is so easy to forget and go back to old ways, diving head first back into busy life. We now have another opportunity to re-remember and reinforce these learnings while we are gifted the time to slow down, rest, reflect and just be 🙏

For me the biggest learning I gained is to stay present, focusing on the here and now and allowing whatever comes up within me without resistance. When we are grounded in the present moment we can go within and honour what is there with loving kindness, letting it move through us and be released if needed. Through this process we make more room for inner peace, joy, love and deep gratitude for the true gift of life itself 💜

Wishing everyone well at this time and always. With Much Love, Aya x

‘Yesterday is History,

Tomorrow is a Mystery,

Today is a Gift,

That’s why they call it The Present’

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