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With White Sage to smoke cleanse your aura and home of low vibrational energy, Rose Quartz to open the heart chakra and promote unconditional love plus Selenite's gift of balancing the body and mind, this kit helps to boost overall wellbeing by restoring mental and emotional balance which has a flow on effect to our physical wellbeing.


Kit Contains:

1 x Large Sage Smudge Stick

1 x Rose Quartz Crystal

1 x Selenite Crystal Wand



For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. The smoke emitted from burning Sage can be used to rid a person, space or object of negative energy. Sage emits negative ions and our aura holds positive ions. Through the smoke cleansing process we can neutralise our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew. 


Size: 18 x 4.5cm approx 

Organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.



Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, promoting kindness and compassion. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra as it teaches the true essence of love whilst bringing deep emotional healing to allow an acceptance of love for yourself and others to flourish. Rose quartz opens and purifies the heart chakra allowing loving energy to flow freely.


Size: 4x4cm approx



A stone for clarity & guidance, Selenite aids to clear your mind, sharpen your awareness and restore balance of the body & mind. The gentle healing qualities of Selenite also provide protection from negative energy so is great to keep in your home or sacred space. Selenite is also great for cleansing your other crystals.


Size: 10x2cm approx


How To Use:


Simply light the end of the Sage stick until it starts to produce smoke. You can then use the smoke to cleanse the Aura of a person by holding it close to and around the body, allowing the smoke to surround them.


Alternatively when cleansing a room simply walk around the room allowing the smoke to flow. While doing so hold the intention that you are purifying the person or room of any negative energies or emotions, making room for more light to enter. 


The Rose Quartz can placed on your altar or in your special place, kept close to your person or simply held in your hand to invite in positive and loving energies.


The Selenite can be placed in a room to help cleanse negative energy, placed to your third eye for for an instant mental declutter, swept from head to toe to cleanse your energy field or if cleansing other crystals simply lay them on the Selenite wand overnight.

Heart Cleansing Kit - White Sage, Rose Quartz & Selenite

$35.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
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