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Settling in to Our Off Grid Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Well I can't believe it has been almost 2 years at our new location in Healesville and what a beautiful place it is. Living off the grid, up a long and quiet dirt road, 300m above sea level with sweeping views of the Yarra Valley and birds singing has found me right in my element!

The valley views are ever changing depending on the weather and the season. From misty mornings in Winter, to watching storms roll in any time of year to the spectacular sunsets in Summer, this is the view from our front door!

Our Veggie patch is thriving and life has simplified. Waking up to chop wood on cold mornings, living purely of solar electricity, solar hot water and a wood fire for heating has taken a little bit of adjustment but has been a wonderful change. Things take longer but feel so much more worth it! If lockdown the last 2 years taught us anything it was to slow down and enjoy the simple things and I feel so blessed to be continuing the slower pace this year.

Our beautiful puppy Rusty is now 1.5 years old and has become my little healing doggy. He loves greeting my clients on arrival then sitting quietly in his basket outside my treatment room while a Reiki session is in progress, just waiting for us to come out so he can get another pat and show what a good boy he has been!

We have managed to get our Barn built and are now fitting it out. Our hope is that it will be ready in 6 months to be part workshop, part Reiki studio and part Airbnb so we look forward to welcoming guests later this year.

It takes some imagination at this stage as all is happening inside but picture a sliding door on the front left, big windows, a nice verandah across the front, mezzanine loft bedroom upstairs with a Juliet balcony to take in the views, while the back half of the barn will be a large usable workshop for my love to use, invent and create!

And until the new studio is ready here is a photo of my Reiki treatment room!

We have also upgraded the entrance to our home and built a beautiful covered deck. It is such a wonderful space to relax on and makes a lovely entrance/exit to my treatment room plus a place to hang out during workshops. Watch this video for a sneak peak!

There is always so much to do and create on the property and I feel like this will be a multi year journey! Never a dull moment and we are learning so much as we go. Stay tuned for updates!

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