SPECIAL OFFER: 1 Hour Distance Healing Sessions just $60 (Usually $80) while we are still under Lockdown 

Distance Reiki Treatment - Earth Aya Energy

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki energy transcends time and space so there is no need for you to be beside me. This is just as effective as an in person session but from the comfort of your own home. I will be in touch with any findings and an Oracle Card reading at the end of your session.

1 Hour Session $60 (Usually $80)

Bookings Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays - Other days available on request

Reiki in Healesville

These In person sessions conducted from my treatment room in Healesville VIC. Each session includes use of Relaxation Music, Chakra Crystals, Aura Sprays and an Oracle Card Reading for further insight. Free Aura Spray with every new client booking.

1 Hour Session $80


Bookings Available on Tuesdays & Saturdays - Other days available on request


Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

In each in-person Reiki session I provide a holistic approach by combining Reiki, Pranic, Seichim and Crystal Healing techniques, tailored to your needs. These energy healing techniques work so well together to promote optimal health and activate your bodies own natural healing response. Distance Healing also available.

Reiki Packages

5 Session Reiki Package $350

5 x 1 Hour Sessions discounted to $70 per session when pre-paid as a package 


10 Session Reiki Package $650

10 x 1 Hour Session discounted to $65 per session when pre-paid as a package

*All Reiki packages are valid for 12 months

Why Book a Reiki Package?

A one time Reiki session can have great results, however depending on what your needs are it is often beneficial to have a few sessions to really get to the root cause of some issues. In each session we can get a little deeper into releasing energy blockages and discovering what areas of your life you can work on to continue your healing or personal growth journey.


If you are committed to improving your circumstances and ready to take the steps to bring abut lasting change in your life then a 5 or 10 session package is for you.