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Making Time for Play!

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

With the fast paced lifestyles we live, full of responsibilities, it's no wonder we take life too seriously at times. This leads to stress and we all know what stress can do to our bodies! Our unhealthy emotional states build up and build up and unless we take charge and do something about them they manifest into our physical bodies, causing imbalance and disease.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given for increased wellbeing was to cultivate a childlike mind by making time for play. It was such a lightbulb moment for me and something I now practice everyday. When you look at children playing you notice the laughter, creativity, joy and freedom they experience. If you have children, Nieces or Nephews you may know how it feels to play with them. You get the excuse to be silly and childlike and stop being an adult for a little while.

So why do us grown ups have to be so serious? Why do we believe we have to be the mature ones and worry about what other people think if we are not? The answer is we don't, well at least not all the time! I have found even just 5 minutes of play time can snap me out a bad mood, get me to slow down the busyness of my mind and give me the boost of positivity I need. It felt a bit awkward and silly at first and of course not something you might do at the office but so worth it!

Forgotten how to play? Try playing a board game, visit a theme park, borrow your niece/nephew and go to a Disney movie, throw a frisbee, talk in a silly voice, put music on and dance around the kitchen, play with your pets, anything that gets you switched out of left brain analytical thinking into right brained creative mode will help shut down that internal worry and chatter in your mind, making room for feeling calmer and happier. I started by getting a colouring book, then decided to learn how to fire twirl, later joined a hula hoop class, started watching my favourite childhood movies again and most recently my partner and I took ourselves off to the park to play on the play equipment, which we will be doing again on a regular basis!

How will you play today?

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תגובה אחת

13 ביוני 2018

I love this! Play tome is so important for kids and adults alike 💃🕺

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